Business Automation


Why You Need Business Automation

If you or your employees are constantly doing the same tasks, it may be time to refine your processes. Many tasks, especially IT related, can be automated. Automation can save you valuable time and also remove some of the human element that causes costly errors. 

Business Automation Examples

  • Proposed a solution to an out-of-date manual process that was causing numerous billing errors and dissatisfaction from our customers. Once implemented, the solution has saved many man hours of work and decreased errors, saving the company money and improving business.

  • Identified an inefficient process an energy trader was using to enter trades and developed an automated solution, saving him three hours a day of manual work. This directly translated into more time the trade has to focus on improving his strategies.

  • Took an antiquated system of tracking Crude Oil on paper tickets and turned it into an automated system that saw in immediate gain for our trading team. Off the shelf solutions were quoted at a millions dollars with 9-12 month’s to implement. My solution cost 15k and was implemented successfully in 6 weeks.

  • Created a new employee on-boarding process. This included computer training that allowed the new hires to start contributing more quickly and reduced calls to Help Desk for IT related issues.

How We Would Work Together

After an initial free phone consultation, we would meet to discuss your business pain points. After learning about your current processes, you would receive a quote on designing and implementing the solution. There would be follow-ups to make sure the new process was indeed helpful and improvement and modifications would be suggested as necessary. Contact us to learn more.