About Us

We are a small business with big skills serving other small business with big goals. Based in the Western Suburbs we cater to local businesses in the Chicago-land area. We can offer expertise in a variety of areas, but if there is something we cannot do we will help you find someone who can!

About Me - T.F.

Since beginning my career in IT 15 years ago, I have become increasingly interested in unique problem solving which lends itself perfectly to Project Management so I became a certified PMP in 2013. As a Consultant, I not only get to use my troubleshooting skills to solve technical problems, but also on how to solve human problems; I find great satisfaction in hearing of a problem or inefficiency and translating that into requirements for a solution and then seeing that solution successfully implemented. After working for many years for major accounting and trading organizations, I've found that serving small businesses is what I am most passionate about. 

Consultant Spotlight - A.P.

Any smart business owner knows how to get help when needed, and when I need superior coding skills to get a project done I often partner with Andy. Andy has over 20 years of experience in development and is a DevOps  expert.  We've worked together for many years to solve a variety of business issues. You can view a presentation he recently gave on Monitoring Solutions here.